Royal Press Release-Seborga

It is an honor to have had S.A.S. Nina of Seborga interview for Templars Ep 3: The Sinclair Legacy.

S.A.S. in English is a royal title in French that means Her (or His) Serene Highness-

Princess Nina has released this statement today, October 10th, 2022 –

I am honored that she agreed to participate in the film and has shared the film segment in the official FaceBook Group for the Principality of Seborga in S. Italy which is within eyesight of the Principality of Monaco.

Below is the English translation of the Statement:

Principato di Seborga

Seborga and the Templars in an episode of the miniseries “Templars”, distributed on Amazon Prime Video USA and UK

Everyone knows the particular relationship between Seborga and the Templars, which according to some legends was born in our country in 1118.

Well, the miniseries , produced by the US production house Web Icon ( Templars – The TV Series /) and distributed on Amazon Prime Video USA and UK, told the story of Seborga and the “his” Templars in the episode that will be released on Thursday, October 13th and.

The series, produced in Europe, Canada and the United States and whose cast is made up of three quarters of women, consists of 5 episodes of about one hour each, which will be released – starting January 2020 – a few months apart from each other.

The first minutes of the third episode entitled The Sinclair Legacy are dedicated to Seborga and “her” Templars, with an interview to S.A.S. Princess Nina. The crew filmed in our country at the end of May.

We sincerely thank the director Luca Centoni and all the staff of Web Icon for wanting to include Seborga and his story in their series!

Below is an excerpt from the episode concerning the Principality of Seborga:

The planned release date for the film is October 13th – Just three days from today! In honor of the Knights Templar who were arrested in 1307 by King Philip le Bel of France.

It will be available on Amazon Prime in the USA and in the UK – October 13th, 2022!!!

Respect yourself, Respect others and take care,

All my best,

Gretchen Cornwall

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