Book Launch, Oak Island

I am grateful for so much this week of Thanks & Giving –

I’ve had two successful appearances on The Curse of Oak Island and now my new book is launching –

It was a relief that a member of the public snapped this photo of the team during filming. Marty & Alex Lagina, Charles Barkhouse, and the production team were so easy to work with. They all worked hard to create a professional environment that was good-hearted.

Alex Lagina, Marty Lagina, Charles Barkhouse, and
Producer Larry H. The Curse of Oak Island

The name of the book:

Oak Island’s Mysteries of the Map, House of Rochefoucauld,

Templar Statue & Royston Cave.

The title is long but it does share on the cover all subjects covered within. The three pillars of the book grew organically to support each other: Zena Halpern’s Map of Oak Island, the Medieval Statue of a Knight Templar, and Royston Cave. And yes, they are all interrelated.

Oak Island’s Mysteries of the Map, House of Rochefoucauld, Templar Statue & Royston Cave

It is available on Kindle at the moment but the Hardback and Paperback will be out in days. I will have a limited number of signed paperbacks available within 2 weeks. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this heavily Illustrated Photo Journal in static ebook format:

Amazon.COM in the USA

Amazon.COM USA


Alex Lagina, Gretchen Cornwall, Marty Lagina and Charles Barkhouse of the Curse of Oak Island – Filming on Location at Royston Cave England UK

3 thoughts on “Book Launch, Oak Island

  1. Is there a way to contact Gretchen Cornwall about Templar discoveries I have made in 2000? I hope she will be interested. My close friend in El Paso is a Mason and Knights Templar.

    1. Hello Bruce, thank you for contacting me, I am interested but have been approached by other researchers and need time to look through the reasearch sent to me. My email is Thank you for your patience over the holidays if I’m slow to respond.

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