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I had a fantastic and very candid conversation with Christopher Jordan of Curious Realm. The two-hour interview airs on Tuesday! We were only supposed to chat for an hour but before we knew it, two hours had flown by – What did we have to talk about? Aside from Everything and the Kitchen Sink, we spoke about the Three Pillars of my new book. These three topics are organically melded together. As I researched what I thought were three separate subjects I realized they were all connected.

Oak Island’s Mysteries of the Map, House of Rochefoucauld, Templar Satute & Royston Cave

The book is only out in Kindle but the paperback and hardback will follow soon!

Please go to – It will be necessary for you to view Royston Cave while I speak with Christopher about this segment of the book. My appearance on Oak Island has been tremendous. Not all the research that I shared with Marty Lagina, Alex Lagina and Charles Barkhouse was aired during the Episode Over the Pond. You’ll be fascinated by the cave and it’s wild array of carvings.

In the meantime, please listen to an in-depth interview with a very professional podcaster, Christopher Jordan! I wish him all good fortune on his one year anniversary of his outrageously successful podcast!

Tune in to the official Curious Realm year one extravaganza LIVE Tuesday November 29th at 8pm CST! Join the Curious Realm as we celebrate our first year with an amazing line up of guests and topics in our epic year one extravaganza! #curiousrealm #hcuniversalnetwork #podcastcadet #truehempscience #webworkswireless #secrettoeverything #KPNLRadio

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