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Oak Island’s Mysteries of the Map:

House of Rochefoucauld, Templar Statue, Royston Cave

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Did the Templars bury a treasure of spiritual significance on the Island?

What is the book about? It includes three topics that appeared to stand on their own but organically wove together for an entire work.  Zena Halpern’s Map of Oak Island, The Medieval Statue of a Knight Templar and the enigmatic Royston Cave.

Did the Templars bury a treasure of spiritual significance on the Island? With the discovery of the stone road and wharf of 1200 AD, the answer is YES! Oak Island has been in use as a depository for centuries, starting with the visitation of the Vikings who transmitted the information to their descendants, the Templars.

I have travelled to see the castles on Zena Halpern’s Map of Oak Island. Castle Rochefoucauld revealed greater secrets of a dangerous Biblical past. I found the Young Lion of Talmont and visited his Castle.

Though both my prior books touched on Oak Island they were not specifically about it but supportive of the famous island. I am grateful to be at this juncture where I can share my current research on Oak Island with you…

England has its own past with Oak Island. Royston Cave in England tells a story of Brothers Without Borders, Kings, Queens and the ancestress of the Rochefoucauld family. Why did the aristocracy make pilgrimages to the little town of Royston England? What secrets of the past were shared with them in hopes that ancient traditions would be passed on? Secrets that eventually spread out into the Guilds of England and beyond. What had once been royal prerogative now belonged to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear.

When reading the book, it is essential to follow the Virtual Reality available at

Royston Cave’s website:  https://www.roystoncave.co.uk/vr

The third pillar of the book? Exploring all that is known to date about the Medieval Templar Statue. I spoke with Bonnie Hinman who discovered the statue and purchased it. Both the current publication and YouTube discussion with Ms. Hinman, will give you a greater overview of why the statue is so important to Oak Island and lost information of the past. It is a 3-D Map of Oak Island….

Please visit my YouTube Channel for more information on the statue.  It is a conversation with the original keeper, Ms. Bonnie Hinman.  Not all information known about the statue is in the book and vis versa.  The documentary interview with Henry is key to understanding the statue and Ms. Hinman’s time with it.   

Gretchen Cornwall, Medieval Statue of a Knight Templar and 3-D Map of Oak Island
Alex Lagina, Gretchen Cornwall, Marty Lagina and Charles Barkhouse at Royston Cave, thank you for a great experience!

This is an Illustrated & Photo Journal Book

The book is filled with maps, paintings, and my original photography from Europe. It is an illustrated book on photography paper to prevent blead-through of either text or images onto the next page. The medieval world lived with 90% or more, need for images. Since most people did not read, stained glass windows, statues and iconography took the place of the written word. It was necessary to present my work with images hence the cost of the book is higher than a straightforward economy paperback.

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