Amazon is Hiding My New Book

Amazon is hiding my book & swapping out the formats. They want you to buy the Kindle version and are making it hard to find the paperback.

All three versions were available in the UK but now they’ve taken down the paperback. They are changing the availability of the paperback or hardback in the USA, UK, and Canada. All versions are available and on Amazon but you have to do a manual search for it. I created this picture to simplify the issue. I hope it helps.

I have contact information for Amazon and will be bending their ear on this one! It is not right that they should play with the sales of an independent author! This is my livelihood.

The hoped-for sales from my interview at Royston Cave with the team from Oak Island have been blown due to Amazon’s desire to leverage my book for their Kindle sales. They are also changing the prices without my consent.

I am more than a little annoyed… I will get it fixed but it is a behemoth of a faceless corporation and I don’t know how long I will have to joust with them…

Please share… It will help with damage control…

Copy and paste either of these numbers into your countries Amazon website search bar:

Paperback: 9798211792043

Hardback: 9798211788213

Post Script – I have found out that the book is up on Barnes and Nobles! If you would prefer to buy the book without issues, please go to their site:

Of course I do have signed copies available of the Paperback –

Thank you for your support and for following my work. Having the opportunity to share my life passion with you is such a joy!

All my best to you and yours,


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  1. Congratulations on your most recent success. The troubles your current and NEW followers are having acquiring this work are indeed unfathomable. With your hints and help on ordering, this treasure can’t stay buried for long!

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